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Studio Infinity 

Appointment Policy

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Studio Infinity is dedicated to ensuring everyone's safety. Our team ensures to help maintain client to client distancing throughout your entire visit.

We are constantly disinfecting the salon throughout the day, as well as making sure every surface you may touch is clean and disinfected!

At Studio Infinity we take our clients safety and health very seriously. Our team consistently strives to keep every client happy and healthy!

Masks, face shields or face coverings are required at all times while in our salon.

At this time we are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To book an appointment please contact an available stylist or book online.

When you arrive for your appointment time please wait in your vehicle and contact your stylist or wait outside and ring our service bell.

Please do not enter the salon without a stylist.

Your stylist may request you check in by filling out the symptom pre-screen questions and liability form for your appointment after you arrive for your scheduled appointment time. 

Hand Sanitizer is available upon request. 

The Oregon Health Authority is requiring all salons to do a health pre-screen to ensure everyone’s safety prior to the start of your appointment.

With in the past 72 hours, prior to your appointment time, You must confirm that:

You have not had a new or worsening cough.

You have not had a fever.

You have not had any shortness of breath.

In the past 14 days, prior to your appointment time, You must confirm that:

You have not been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

The Oregon Health Authority is requiring us to record all client contact information, date and time of appointment and provider for each client. If there is a positive Covid-19 case associated with Studio Infinity, public health may need Studio Infinity to provide this information for a contact tracing investigation. Unless otherwise required, this information may be destroyed after 60 days from the appointment date. By signing our form prior to your appointment you agree to honestly and truthfully provide accurate basic contact information, allow Studio Infinity to collect basic information and allow Studio Infinity to share basic information with public health in the event a COVID-19 case is identified associated with Studio Infinity.

Please follow all posted salon rules to keep yourself, your stylist and those around you safe.

If you begin to show symptoms of Covid-19 with in the next two weeks after your appointment date, Please contact your stylist or the salon.

Please be honest about your symptoms and consider your neighbors! We want to see you just as much as you want to get your hair done. But we must stay safe and healthy! 

Thank you for your understanding!  

Symptom Pre-Screen Form and Liability Release Form

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